Project Management

Project Management often be a company’s greatest challenge as it involves obstacles like unique orders, supply chain impacts, and ongoing workforce changes. Depending on your industry, different inputs may be involved in each product ranging from materials and labor, in-house and outsourced items, and a blend of standard / specially designed components. Effective Project Management requires the tracking of the many variables at each stage of a project ranging from design, material acquisition, maintenance, incident resolution, installation, service and more. It’s a lot of moving pieces that are all subject to human error and the slightest flaw here and there can cost both time and money. Don’t worry, we can help…


The TriarLogic (TL) Project Management Modules can help you and your organization in a number of ways. Mitigate risk, combine in-house / outsourced hybrid planning, and manage bill of materials are but a few of the ways our modules can help. In addition, our modules can help you by creating a repository of all documents / information regarding the project, tie in employee task management, and provide detailed project tracking / cost control information. The time could never be better to streamline communication and improve project efficiency… ask us how.


It’s Time for a Change… TriarLogic 

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